Google Nexus Launcher APK: Free Download Google Nexus Launcher – Latest version

Free Download Google Nexus Launcher APK: Let’s have a look at the Google New version Google Nexus!! Are you, people still facing an error in the updating Google Play Services on your Android mobiles like Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony, Red MI or any other phones, then here Google provided the simplest way to download it.  The Google play store update is much essential to run applications on your Android mobiles. Sometimes it is not updated on your mobile for some technical issues. At that time you are facing problems in running some applications. At that point, you need to update those apps your play store services application. Free Download Google Nexus Launcher APK is the new feature of the Google version.

Free Download Google Nexus Launcher APK

A Google new Android version is out to download. Google Nexus is a unique feature of the Google version. In these days we have seen a launcher of the original text that present in the online this is the upcoming launcher of the Google Nexus phones. This Google Nexus version comes with a brand new user interface which has nothing to do all the current bombers that you used to see on Android mobiles. We all know that the Google is the best platform to download anything on the Android Mobiles.

Free Download Google Nexus Launcher APK

Once you install the Google Launcher and launch it for the first time, you will greet by the great Google Search Button. It has located on the top left side of the mobile screen. And along with the calendar shows for a month, day, year, date on the right side. At the cellular bottom of the screen, you have seen 5-app dock where you put the five apps of your most used applications for the easier accessibility. Get Free Download Google Nexus Launcher APK.

Free Download Google Nexus Launcher APK

The new launcher has talked about the world in the past dates. If you are eagerly waiting and more enthusiastic about the Android and the Google mobile operating system. Then you may have slightly elevated in the excitements levels about the new version of the Google Nexus Launcher was leaked over the last couple of days.

Features of the Google Nexus Launcher Application

Nexus launcher APK has the most amazing features. In given data, you can find the characteristics of the Google APK applications.

Free Download Google Nexus Launcher APK

  • It featured the nonremovable date widget in the top right corner and flanked by a Google tab.
  • By double tapping that tab it can perform the quick Google search.
  • But the animation of the tab is misaligned, presumably because Google Pixel launcher was built for Google applications that have not released yet.
  • You notice that the feature at the right of the screen.
  • The launcher does not have the application drawer button. And it makes room for another icon on your mobile.
  • The animation of the developers provide the smooth one here, and it takes a downward swipe from the top of your application list to minimize this interface.

How to Download Google Nexus Launcher on Android Mobiles

Here we can provide the complete information about the Nexus launcher APK. This is not available in the play store. But we can download it in many ways. The first one is by downloading the APK file on your computer, and the next method is APH file directly on the mobile and installs it.

Free Download Google Nexus Launcher APK

  • Download the latest version of the Google Nexus APK.
  • Once downloaded the APK, copy that APK into your external/Internal storage of your Android mobiles.
  • Now you can go to settings and that you can go to the security and then unknown sources and the checkboxes.
  • The checkboxes allow the third party installations.
  • Navigate to the phone path where you have copied to the APK file.
  • Opens it up to the installation screen.
  • At last, Tap at the facility. And that your APK file is installed and updated successfully.
  • Once the installation is successful, open menu by tapping the app drawer, and there you see the google settings apps.
  • Further, you can change any settings.

Get the latest version of the Google Nexus launcher APK 

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