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Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error For Mac OS X: Well, we all are internet users, and indeed, the internet seems to be a problem when we get stuck on one page, and it is unable to download or refresh. Making many attempts at reloading and refreshing and still getting failure means that there is a problem in the DNS server because of DNS Server not Responding. Since the person cannot instantly try to change the setting therefore in the case of emergency, you can type a numerical address of the website. Like typing any URL is a problem then you can add the binary address of the site.

Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error For Mac OS X

Sometimes the DNS Server Not Responding problem might occur because of the network connection. A slow network connection can create a lot of issues therefore if you are not holding many web pages at once in a slow connection then you can get a decent speed. But sometimes even the internet connection does not suffice the needs and tend to be reluctant to hold the commands.

Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error For Mac OS X

There can be two cause of such disturbance as DNS Server Not Responding one is First is the problem in DNS server or its configuration. And another one is Second is the problem in the network. Also the issue related issues attack the portable Mac. So, firstly check whether these two are the problems or not. If not, follow the below sections because here we provide how to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error For Mac OS X.

Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error For Mac OS X

In the below section, we mention that problems caused by DNS configuration. Check whether you have any one of these issues or not. If yes, follow the below given steps to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error For Mac OS X. We also help you with Mac versions. We provide fixing steps to DNS Server Not Responding error for different Mac OS  versions.

Problems Caused by DNS Configuration

  • Whenever you face any challenge, then the cause is the change in the network or the server.
  • As we have already talked about the emergency address, you can opt for numerical IP address that can quickly change the DNS configuration. The below given are the examples of dealing with the nonresponsive DNS configuration:
  • If you have set the network to provide the DNS server automatically without any need of typing the address by yourself, then the shape might collide.

Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error For Mac OS X

  • In case if you have yourself provided the address but are out of date or in fact it is mistyped then you might face problem in the DNS configuration.
  • Sometime while the server is in autocorrect and you are not able to type the address or recover it in the time allotted you can also face the configuration problem.
  • In case if you fail to specify the DNS server, and there is no automatic discovery of the server, then also you can suffer from the same cause, but in this case, you can easily connect the website by its IP address.
  • To check the DNS configuration, you can quickly verify the ISP that is the internet service provider. You can have another address too after requesting for the other one.
  • Remember once you receive the other address then the first one becomes invalid. As soon as you receive the address, you can follow the following steps to change the DNS settings.

How To Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error for Mac

  • Select System Preferences, form the given menu
  • Then select network form the view option
  • Then you need to select the interface via which you connect the internet like Built-in Ethernet, public network or AirPort
  • In case you have chosen the Built-in Ethernet, in the DNS field you need to type the address. In case you have more than one address then you must use a comma to differentiate between the address.
  • If you are using the AirPort, then you need to click to advanced, and then you need to click on the DNS tab. Search for the + button and then click on it typing the ISP address or the admin network. Enter ok
  • Click on the applied tab

Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error For Mac OS X

The steps mentioned above are for the version OS X version 10.5 or higher. Here, the steps are given for the Mac OS X version 10.4 or previous versions:

  • Select system preferences from the Apple menu
  • Then select Network from the view menu
  • After that, you need to choose the interface you use for connecting to the network
  • Click on the IP tab
  • In the Domain Name Servers field, you need to type the DNS address. In case there are more thanks one address press return at the end of each line and next to enter the address.
  • Click on the applied tab.

In case you miss out any of the given steps then the configuration might fail. Therefore be careful and flow the commands step by step.

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