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Are you people are looking to evolve an Evolve Eevee Pokemon Gold Game? But you are not getting the correct instruction to evolve the Eevee. Don’t worry guys here we are providing the detailed step by step procedure to get an Eevee in your Pokemon Gold game. In this classic Pokemon games, Eevee can evolve into different types of varieties based on the use of individual items. It’s happiness level, moves it has available and even the time of the day. It evolves into the Espeon or Umbreon. If Evolve Eevee Pokemon Gold Game levels up when it happens value is 220 or more. It becomes Espeon or Umbreon depends on the time of the day. As of our knowledge, Roughly during the night, it becomes Umbreon, and during the day it becomes Espeon. Exactly where the game draws the line between the day and night varies as by the generation.

Evolve Eevee Pokemon Gold Game

Evolve Eevee Pokemon Gold Game – Steps to Get an Eevee

The process evolves Eevee Pokemon Gold Game the Espeon or Umbreon Usually involves trying to raise its happiness. After, only leaving it up at the right time. It does not matter when you raise the Eevee’s happiness only the time of the final level up things. In this game, some of the methods will increase the Eevee’s happiness, i.e., Simply walk around the Evolve Eevee Pokemon Gold Game in your party. Feeding it a vitamin like Hp Up, Iron, Protein, Calcium, Carbos, Zinc or PP Max. And another way is the leaving it up. Note that the Pokemon start a higher happiness level if hatched from an egg. If you want to evolve your Eevee quickly. You are generally better off breeding one than evolving one you receive from a non-playable character. However, the way of the game interprets the time of the day is not always the same.

Evolve Eevee Pokemon Gold Game

Steps to Evolve Eevee Pokemon Gold Game

Evolve Eevee Pokemon Gold Game


Step 1: To get an Eevee follow the below steps.

Step 2: Talk to the Bill in Goldenrod City and after meeting him in Ecruteak City. He will give you an Eevee he can not look after.

Step 3: Go to the Celadon city game corner. If you look the prizes of the man in the little rune next to the game corner. You will see an Eevee is one of the awards. Earn enough coins to buy the Eevee.

Step 4: Buy seven if you want all of the stages. This will take some seconds since you have to earn the coins.

Step 5: You can also put that Eevee in the Pokemon day care is located at the Route 34 along with the Ditto and then hatch the eggs that the two Pokemon produce. A quick way to do this task is bike back and forth from the daycare into the city. This can get boring, so watch TV or listen to music. The daycare man will call you whenever an egg appears, and the egg will hatch.

1st Method to Evolve an Eevee

Evolve Eevee Pokemon Gold Game

Step 1: Buy the Eevee and find the Fire Stone. You can also get from a friend by trending it.

Step 2: The Firestone can acquire in the Pokeathlon Dome.

Step 3: Save the game before you use it, and this is the very important in case you do not like your Flareon! After saving it, use the fire stone on Eevee, and you are successfully done.

2nd Method to Evolve an Eevee

Step 1: Find the Eevee and get a Water Stone.

Step 2: Save the game using the Waterstone.

3rd Method to Evolve an Eevee

Step 1: Find another Eevee and find a Thunder Stone.

Step 2: Save and use the Thunder Stone on your Eevee.

4th Method to Evolve an Eevee

Evolve Eevee Pokemon Gold Game

Step 1: Buy another Eevee.

Step 2: This one is little different from the other three. You have to gain high friendship with the Eevee between 4:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Step 3: To get the great friendship you have to do battle with it, give it haircuts and take it to the national park, give protein, etc. This may take some time. But you do not do battle or anything after 8:00 pm or before 4:00 am, or you will get an Umbreon.

5th Method to Evolve an Eevee

1st Step: Buy another Eevee.

Step 2: This is like Espeon, but instead of 4:00 am and 8:00 pm, you have high friendship with it between 8:00 pm to 4:00 am.

Step 3: Never do battle with in before 8:00 pm and after 4:00 am.

6th Method to Evolve an Eevee

Step 1: Buy another Eevee.

2nd Step: You can trade this Eevee with your other game into Diamond, Perl, or Platinum.

Step 3:  One in your D/P game go to the Eterna Forest, in that you will find a mossy rock. Click on it and say something like the moss fell right. Once you do that, level up one in the grass around it.

Step 4: you have successfully done.

7th way to evolve an Eevee

Step 1: You can trade your last Eevee to Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. Now go to the snow point city. Next, proceed to route 217. Look for a rock covered in ice.

Step 2:  level it up once in the grass around the stone you will get Glaceon.

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