How to Cancel Railway Tatkal Ticket [Cancel Train Ticket]

How to Cancel Railway Tatkal Ticket [Cancel Train Ticket]: Steps to canceling Rail Ticket booked through IRCTC Online Free. E-Ticket Canel Charges & Refund. We all go for various journeys on board every month,  year or maybe weekly. And not every time one can manage the air ticket so booking the tickets on irctc becomes the best option.

Cancel Railway Tatkal Ticket

How to book your ticket on IRCTC?

Click on IRCTC login page now you will be able to see the blank spaces as

  • user ID,
  • password, and
  • the captcha
  • Fill in the details, and you are all set to go.
  • If you do not have an IRCTC Id, then click on the sign-up tab and fill in the details.
    You can even fill in the details of the account to easily make payments directly either by your debit card or by credit card.

Book and Cancel Railway Ticket

Now since you already have learned the way of booking ticket online which is very easy with the irctc website and app you should now learn how to cancel the e-ticket.

  • Sometimes it happens that you booked ticket months me days ago, but due to any XYZ emergency you need to cancel it. Now canceling the tickets is not an issue until you have done it right.
  • Remember that the tickets can be easily canceled online before the chart is prepared. You will also get a refund of 80% or 50 % after the cancellation.
  • Also, this cancellation of tickets is not allowed at face to face Railway Counters.
  • The cancellation is not allowed at face to face Railway Counters.

How to Cancel Railway Tatkal Ticket [Cancel Train Ticket]?

Remember that if you wish to cancel your e-ticket, then you can do it before the cart is prepared. If you have a train starting at 12 noon, then the chart is prepared in the previous night.

To cancel your ticket at then go to the booked tickets and select the ticket you wish to cancel.

You can select the passengers for which you wish to cancel train ticket and click on cancellation.

The cancellation would be confirmed online, and the refund would be sent directly to your account.

Remember if you go for a partial ticket cancellation then ensure an e-reservation slip except for the original ticket.

However, you will be looking towards the step by step procedure of how to Cancel Railway Tatkal Ticket [Cancel Train Ticket], follow the below steps

  • The first thing is that you need to register yourself as an individual and the registration is free of cost for just need to enter your username and type the password.
  • Select the destination station and the local station. Now click on the e-Ticket option.
  • Now since you have filled in all the details for booking your tickets click on submit and the list of trains will be showed slept the train and the price.
  • Check for the fare for adults kids and click on the book.
  • Check the availability of the tickets according to the dates and book your tickets. If you wish to cancel the e-Tickets before charting preparation of the train:

Cancel Railway Tatkal Ticket

If you have a confirmed ticket and you cancel your ticket before 48 hours of the scheduled departure of the train the train charges of fare at

  • Rs. 240/- will be deducted for the AC First Class or the Executive Class,
  • Rs.200/- for the AC 2 Tier/First Class,
  • Rs. 180 for AC 3 Tier/AC Chair car/ AC 3 Economy, Rs.120/- for all the Sleeper Class and
  • Rs.60/- for Second Class.

These Cancellation charges are only valid on one passenger so if you cancel two tickets the prices will be double.
Note that of you cancel the ticket within 48 hours, or 2 days before the departure then cancellation charges up to 25% will be deducted from the extra flat rate as mentioned in the ticket.

If you wish to cancel the e-Tickets after the preparation of Reservation charts:

  • E-tickets cannot be canceled after the chart is prepared.
  • You can fill the TDR and later track the Status of the refund case for e-ticket services.
  • No money will be refunded after the chart is prepared.

Remember to fill the TDR after thirty minutes of the cancellation of the e-ticket to avail the refund.

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