Top 10 Android Messaging Apps – Text Free Apps for Android

Android Messaging Apps: Text messaging is the best way to communicate with the others in the whole world. Most of the people are still searching for the best messaging apps for Android devices. In this article, I have listed the top most best Android Messaging Apps which is available for free of cost, and the messaging apps are used to contacts with others. The text messaging applications are very simple to use, and it does not require you pause what you are doing like phone calls. Most of the people are texting these days to communicate with others. Go through the below sections to get the best Android messaging applications.

Android Messaging Apps – Text Message Apps

Text message applications are very useful for the people for contacting their friends or relatives. Most of the Android messaging apps will be available for free of cost. And each application has its advantages and disadvantages. Many text messaging applications are available in the market in both free and paid versions. The free version is enough for the people to do the text messages. Go through all the given messaging apps and then choose the app which you want to use on your Android smartphone.

1. Facebook Messanger

Android Messaging Apps

Facebook Messanger is the best app, and millions of people are using this application entire the world. But this Facebook Messenger use lots of storage, battery, RAM. This Facebook has millions of users, and it is likely to keep this around because you have your friends or relatives that just won’t switch. If you are going to use this Facebook messenger, then you have to enable its SMS support.

2. Android Messages

Android Messaging Apps

Android Messages is one of the free texting application which has designed by the google. This Android Message app provides the lots of features to the users. The design of this Android Message app is Material design. This application is very simple to use. This Android Message app works little slow. In this Android Messages, you will be able to find the theming options, backup features, some organization, and the decent search function.

3. Chomp SMS

Android Messaging Apps

Chomp SMS is one of the best third-party texting applications. This Chomp SMS runs very smoothly and fastly. Chomp SMS has since evolved into the application which embraces the material design. But this Chomp SMS has plenty of features like SMS blocking, emojis, MMS, quick reply to the notifications, and group messaging. And in this app, you will be able to stop the text mid-send if needed. In this Chomp SMS, you will be able to find the plenty of customization features.

4. GO SMS Pro

Android Messaging Apps

GO SMS Pro is one of the popular text messaging application. And GO SMS Pro app comes with the tons of interesting features such as SMS blocking, dual sim support, delayed test sending, themes, and much more. In this GO SMS Pro, you will have privacy box in which you can send private and encrypted messages to your friends.GO SMS Pro also offers the emojis, stickers for sending the messages. This application is available for free of cost.

5. Handcent Next SMS

Android Messaging Apps

Handcent Next SMS is also one of the best third-party texting application which is available for Android devices. Like Chomp SMS, Handcent Next SMS also provides the tons of features to the users and it is a powerful application which includes themes, privacy box, eCards, SMS backup, plenty, emojis, and much more. One of the best features of this Handcent Next SMS is that allows you to text on your Tablets and computers.

6. Pulse SMS

Android Messaging Apps

Pulse SMS is one of the Android Messaging Apps comes up with the unique features. This Pulse SMS app works as same as the standard SMS app. And this Pulse SMS app allows you to text from your tablet, PC, and other devices. It also supports dual sims, message backup, blacklisting phone numbers, etc. All the Android users can use this Pulse SMS for free of cost, and if you want to use this app on PC or tablets, then you need to pay $0.99. Per month and $10.99 for a lifetime.


Android Messaging Apps

QKSMS is the latest messaging application which came to prominence during the era, and it is a real design application. All the Android users can use this QKSMS for free of cost. In this QKSMS app, you will be able to find the different features like themes, floating notifications, MMS, a night mode, group messaging, search, etc. QKSMS is an open source application.

8. Signal Private Messenger

Android Messaging Apps

Signal Private Messenger is messaging application, and it works as same as Facebook Messanger, Hangouts, WhatsApp. Many people love this Signal Private Messenger application because of its features. To use this Signal Private Messenger app, you just need your mobile number. Signal Private Messenger is very simple to use, and it has a great material design. And Signal Private Messenger is completely free to use.

9. Textra SMS

Android Messaging Apps

Textra SMS is one of the solid messaging application. It is a popular application available for the Android devices. In this app, you can also change the themes alos. Textra SMS supports dark mode, delayed sending, slide to delete, floating notifications, etc. This Textra SMS directly supports for Android Wear, Mighty Text, Pushbullet, and much more. You can also use the Textra SMS premium version to get the advanced features.


Android Messaging Apps

YAATA SMS comes up with the bunch of features including schedule message sending, group chat supports, and complete MMS support. In the premium version of the YAATA SMS, you will be able to block the SMS blacklisting, auto-forwarding, autoresponder, and you can also backup and restore your settings. It looks very pretty, and it has a material design. This YAATA SMS has chat heads similar to the Facebook messenger.

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